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About us

We did a lot of work in a little time.

Our Office

Right plan, right service, high profit. This is our plan for you.

Niximera; we continue to be the favorite of the market with our more than 15 years of experience and difficult projects. Niximera is a company with a customer-oriented "service" approach. We are at your service. We can lead or follow. Our main goal is to continue to develop the highest quality standards and best practices in today's information technology Sunday.

About us

Working processes

Team managers who are experts in planning make our program development journey perfect. That is why our legislative meetings are very cheerful.

  • Offer

    We evaluate your problem and prepare your affordable offer with 3 investment options.

  • Sales Agreement

    If we come to an agreement, we sign a notarized and mutually wet signed sales contract.

  • Legislation Agreement

    It is mutually agreed upon by putting all the legislation of the project you want to develop into writing.

  • Design Development

    The raw design we have prepared for your project is presented to you and approved after the necessary arrangements.

  • Program Development

    We design and build a modern user experience with robust stack architecture support.

  • Delivery

    You get a modern and turnkey software that meets the future of your brand. 3 months maintenance free


Software Development

Let's level up your business with software that keeps up with the era. Please visit our contact page for our consultancy service.


Who is Niximera?

By making our customers' dreams come true, we enable you to go through stages in your digital transformation journey without any difficulties. Niximera exists for you and will continue to exist for you.

About us

Google Integrations

Don't pay tons of money to promote your products. Don't pay silly shop fees in common marketplaces. Take advantage of Google's free services.


Corporate Product Strategy

In today's rapidly changing business environment, your company cannot lag behind the market with useless or antiquated software. We can help you create a solid corporate product strategy. Niximera is always solution oriented.

Product Strategy


We develop software without problems with experienced staff and skillful project analysts. Guaranteed programs are blended with great ideas and the doors of success are opened far behind them.

Software Capabilities







Graphics Capabilities

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe XD
3ds Max
Niximera Office

Niximera proudly presents.

We care about our customers' ideas. We never stop listening to our customers in order to understand both their dreams and the difficulties they face, and then start working using technology to solve their most important problems.


What is software?

A program, also called a program, is a set of coded instructions that directs a computer to perform certain functions, telling the computer what to do.

I want to make software.

You are in the right place. If you have an idea in mind and you want to bring it to life, our professional team is at your service. We secure cheap and reliable software with sales and legislation contracts, and we share them with you periodically during our development. After your checks, we continue with fixes and improvements. Our expert testing team is working hard to deliver a seamless software to you. As a result, our service is completed flawlessly.

What is the program?

Every screen you see on your screen, from the moment you turn your computer on until the moment you shut it down, is a computer program. You can purchase programs that can be developed or packaged according to your needs.

I want to program

We can develop special programs for you with the information we receive through legislative meetings. While the programs are being developed, they are presented to you with presentations. We give away three months of free maintenance at the end of development. Because we do not burden you with the cost of our mistakes. You may have forgotten to tell or we may not have understood. There may be a violation of the legislative agreement. We get it all done perfectly within 3 months. During this time, you also test and inform us about the modules that you think are not correct. We fix them for free within three months, too.

What is custom software?

Institutional, company or personal software is software that you do not want to be used by your competitors. These developments are made exclusively for you and do not serve any organization other than you with confidentiality agreements.

I want to make custom software.

Making custom software requires responsibility. Before developing custom software, a confidentiality agreement is signed in addition to the sales agreement and the regulatory agreement. Because custom software is developed specifically for your ideas or needs. They cannot be sold or mentioned to your competitors or anyone else. Know how is an invaluable value. When this value falls into the hands of unnecessary people, an unfair profit is obtained. We guarantee to protect your earnings. In short, there is no secret from us.

What is automation?

Automation software is developed for all kinds of work that requires production. It brings together all the shortcomings, problems and ideas. They are used in heavy industry machines, computers or hand terminals.

I want to automate.

It is extremely important that the production companies set up in the production part of the production line are constantly inspected without interruption. At this point, the importance of automation emerges. It is also important to ensure that the established production line works at high and full capacity and that its efficiency is not interrupted in the business progress. These criteria, provided by automation software, allow companies to support production with different software. Companies need different software in order for their business progress and systems to progress in an orderly manner. Some jobs need to be connected to automation software in order for things to progress smoothly. Manual devices can be made electronic and operated automatically with automation.

What is a mobile app?

The software developed for devices that can be operated on portable devices and which are smaller than non-portable devices by making special designs and which have less power than non-portable devices are called mobile applications.

I want to make a mobile application.

Smartphones are closer to people than non-mobile devices. That's why your promotional announcements, promotions of your commercial products and similar ads come to people's pockets and bags thanks to mobile applications. A big advantage. With mobile smartphones with high usage rate, notifications and advertisements, people are not likely to hear your brand. We, too, with our vast knowledge and experience, our great mobile teams develop great mobile software and continue to add to your earnings. Our consulting service prepares you for the right development process. Your idea is being marketed like butter. All our support is for the perfect realization of your service.. Your happy customers will increase your income by adding profit.

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic process automation (RPA) software saves time and eliminates the need for workers to perform time-consuming, repetitive and tedious tasks. RPA solutions provide development environments to create workflows that employees follow. Our company provides RPA services that can boost your business.

Robotic Process
Robotic Process Automation

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