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Contribution to our country's economy, contribution to social responsibility projects and new ideas for new projects.

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Contribution to our country's economy, contribution to social responsibility projects and new ideas for new projects. With our innovative approach and our interest in advanced technology, we offer new inventions and new projects first in our country and then around the world. By saying that knowledge is power, we tirelessly prepare projects that are beneficial to the society by adding new information to ourselves. We do business that will bring profit and gain to both business owners and our society. We exist in the processes of informatics and digital pain support to our country that is going digital.

We are a technology company that believes in a future in which unmanned technologies will dominate in industry and many other fields, and develops innovative solutions in this direction. We work with companies that believe that they can create added value with technology, plan to manage their business processes with software and machines, and want to access information from anywhere and in the fastest way.

We develop software solutions that enable the most effective management of resources, and transform all processes and results into reportable data, and ensure that all decisions and processes that can be automated are realized by machines through algorithms. In this way, we reduce the operational workload, reduce costs, increase efficiency and competitiveness in business processes.

Adapting to Change

We adapt to changes. We know that everyone, including ourselves, must do their part in order for the change to be realized in the fastest and most trouble-free way.


We make clear promises and we always keep our promises.

Positive Look

We think and say how a job can be done by developing new approaches, not how it cannot be done.


We define performance according to objective and measurable criteria and evaluate it fairly and consistently.

Make the life easier

We develop new ideas to make the lives of our customers and each other easier and take action to bring these ideas to life.


We act honestly, transparently and consistently in all our relationships, so we establish long-term relationships based on trust.

Take possession

We take ownership of all our projects, regardless of their scale. We take pleasure in our work by doing our best, duly and wholeheartedly.

Team spirit

It is one of the most important factors for a company to be successful. Sometimes we work alone, sometimes as a team, with common values for a common purpose.


We have a creative and innovative staff that follows technological developments.

To try

We are experimenting with new technologies. We learn from our mistakes. We never let obstacles discourage us. We are always discovering new ways for the better. We do not give up the struggle.

Solution Focused

In cases where standard solutions cannot meet different needs, we quickly produce the most appropriate solutions by making use of our knowledge, experience, relationships and technology.


Simplifying provides agility. In this way, we gain speed. We prevent loss of energy and time. We spend the energy we save on mastering the subjects we focus on.

Goal Orientation

We manage time effectively in a target-oriented manner, and we complete our work in the promised time.


We avoid material and moral waste. We offer the most useful service possible with as many resources as necessary and develop products.

Open Kource

While developing software, we prefer to use the most secure tools and libraries of the open source world and support free software.

Take risks

We risk losing small things on the way to making great progress. We try to anticipate risks and produce solutions early.

To listen

We listen to each other down to the smallest detail and try to understand.


We certainly appreciate a job well done; we also provide feedback to improve each other.

Our Contribution.

Software is an industry based on trust. In this direction, we deliver daily, weekly, monthly reports to our customers during and after the project with all our sincerity and transparency. As Niximera, customer satisfaction is one of our most valued principles.


    Mobile application that works with the Web Application specially developed for Carriers, Transporters, Truckers Cooperatives. It is published on Google Play.

  • Mikromax Satış Stock Application

    The first mobile sales application integrated into Mikro Accounting program. It contains Rot plan and stock management modules.

  • Sigortaloji

    It is a web-based application that works in conjunction with SigortaPro and enables all users to easily receive offers and policies online. AcerPro developed in-house.

  • Sigorta Pro

    It is a web-based application where you can get insurance quotes online, issue policies, and perform agency transactions such as renewal, cancellation, damage management, pre-accounting. AcerPro developed in-house.

  • Günce Insurance

    GÜNCE GROUP INSURANCE INC. It is a corporate website developed for AcerPro developed in-house.


    It is a mobile application that provides bulk SMS sending and you can manage them with an easy interface.

  • You Travel in Beyoğlu

    It was started to be developed at the request of Beyoğlu Municipality, but it was left unfinished because payment could not be received.


    Mobile and web-based application that works together with the Cloud Application specially developed for Carriers, Transporters, Truckers Cooperatives.


    The application, which was actively used for about 2 years, used to issue insurance policies with minimum information request. AcerPro developed in-house.


    It is the project to spread the new cryptocurrency in Switzerland. AcerPro developed in-house.


    The application, specially developed for farmers by the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock, is published only on tablets distributed by the ministry.


    Mobile and web-based application that works together with the Cloud Application specially developed for Carriers, Transporters, Truckers Cooperatives.


    It is an application that photographs the fields with satellites in JPEG 2000 for the Tarbil project. It is run by another company.

  • HAVA - SU

    It is a weather-dependent irrigation data application specially developed for farmers by the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock.


    The application, which will be published only in the UK, is a common platform that unites novice teachers (Hobbyists) and those who want to have a hobby. AcerPro developed in-house.


    Developed for official units that don't want their data stolen. It is the unit-specific development of the WhatsApp application. Thanks to its special algorithm, it makes it impossible to access the data.


    The sale of devices producing BlockChain infrastructure currencies and live market value information of the same currencies were published.


    A simple game application. Word puzzle according to the letters coming out of the wheel turned in the wheel of fortune logic.

  • SoundView

    The social responsibility project NixTexter (See Voices) is under development. It is specially developed for deaf phone users.


    Our application, which brings the Client - Consultant meetings to the virtual, is under development. It is a common platform application.


    With the thought that our vocational high school students should be more experienced in their profession in the future and have a good command of new generation technologies, we strengthened their education with Microsoft Imagine Academy. AcerPro developed in-house.

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