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Corporate Identity Study

corporate identity is indispensable for your brand to stand out and gain consistency everywhere. The starting stage of corporate identity is of course a correct logo design.

We show the sensitivity and energy we show in logo design in the design of all other corporate materials so that the brand identity can gain a full meaning. You can choose us for your corporate identity materials and advertising designs that we will create in integrity.

Corporate Identity Study
Logo Design

Logo Design

The logo, which will represent your brand in the field of service and business, is dependent on the principle of visual recognition as well as a corporate identity. It is AjansNIX's primary duty to transform a visual composition that integrates your brand and industry into a logo in just one way.

Logo designs It should be specific to the brand and the institution, and should consist of plain and familiar symbols. Since it has an advertising value, it should not bear any similarity with other brands and models. While a creative, original and professional approach is important for this, it should be used as a personalized symbol and bring the brand to mind with colors and figures.

Business Card Design

With business cards, a lasting impression is created. Information can be easily lost in busy business life. But thanks to business cards, your contact information will always be at hand.

With a well-designed business card, you will look more corporate and professional. Business cards are more economical than many marketing tools. Although the size of the business card is small, the effect is large. Because he's always with you. It helps you do real-time marketing.

Business Card Design

Product Tag Design

Many companies have to offer the best product in order to meet the endless consumption and to stand out from the countless competitors in this field. When it comes to good product, more than one criterion comes to mind. The first thing that comes to mind is advertising, as well as the ease of use of the product and the quality of responding to needs. However, one of the most important factors that will add a product to the shopping cart of the consumer is undoubtedly its packaging.

Label Design

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