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Google Manufacturer Center

Manufacturer Center helps end consumers have a better shopping experience.

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What Is Google Manufacturer Center?

Google Manufacturer Center brands products it is a platform that allows consumers who shop on and on other Google services to present it correctly and share detailed product information.

Thanks to Manufacturer Center, your brand's organic search performance improves decal conversion rates and the user experience of those looking for your products.

How does Manufacturer Center work?

How does it work? Let's assume that a user who does not have a specific brand/model in mind is looking for a washing machine. Whether this user is searching on Google with the following words according to their needs ”washing machine with deconstruction”” washing machine with 4kg capacity”

After such a search, basic information such as visual, title, description of the products that will be listed on all search engine result pages (SERP) is provided by The Manufacturer Center, and information about the seller and price is provided by The Merchant Center Dec.

What benefit does Manufacturer Center offer?

Manufacturer Center optimized titles, descriptions and product images for clients such as when supported by high-quality data is a platform that provides a better shopping experience.

In this way, manufacturers can have more control over how their products are displayed. Google also provides manufacturers with analytics-based information that they can use to improve product information. Therefore, Manufacturer Center helps end consumers have a better shopping experience.


Manufacturer Center is a management platform where manufacturers can easily manage product data to be used in Google ads and see the performance of these products, while Merchant Center is an advertising tool that helps retailers load their own stock and create ads for these products.

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