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Corporate Artificial Intelligence

Designing the future logic of next generation enterprise applications.

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An enterprise-grade AI platform designed to unlock new values and experiences

Niximera uses core AI technology to deliver core value for corporate goals. Whether exploring a voice-powered user experience, considering increased intelligent automation, or discovering predictive insights in enterprise data, Niximera solutions provide simplified operations.

Innovative experiences

Reimagining the speed and accuracy of work

Contactless User

Multi-channel system integration and interaction

Strong staff

Putting science in the hands of all users

Quick results

Connected ecosystem for rapid deployment and ROI

Diligent Automation

Complex business process automation made simple

Redefining access to systems, information, and workflows with text and voice interactions

Through Niximera, artificial intelligence removes everyday barriers that can frustrate and distract, providing a foundation for continuous improvement built with cutting-edge technology that is accessible to all employees and ready to evolve as industries evolve.

Talent Diversity

Ready-to-use industry skills

Advanced functional capabilities for API run from enterprise systems

Intelligent skills for machine learning-based predictions and optimizations

Gain backward skills for navigation assistance through complex systems

Basic skills for static interactions built for organizational knowledge base

Skill customizations

Build skills without any coding experience

Organize new workflows between systems

Easy access to all API packages

Connect to third-party apps

Quickly test, deploy and edit skills


Connected ecosystem

Securely connected to our cross-domain data warehouse

Complete automation for deployment and hosting

integrated with Niximera for smart workflows

No special development required for predictions and insights

Democratized access

AI solution library

Build ML models as business users

Automatic orchestration of complex tasks

Deploy end-to-end in weeks

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