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Content Management System - CMS

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Content Management System

CMS is the abbreviation of the English word “Content Management System”.

Everything is so easy

With these systems with ready source codes, you can design and publish websites on many different topics and fields. We say systems because there is no single CMS system.


What is the point?

The main purpose of CMS systems was to help users who do not have a website and who do not have enough software knowledge to design a website, to publish websites in a simple and easy way without having any technical knowledge.

What are the advantages?

No technical knowledge required. With the content management system, people can design and publish a professional website very simply and quickly. Thanks to its advanced interfaces, you do not need to write a single line of code. Most computer users can quickly publish their own site.

Umbraco CMS

Theme variety

As many themes as you want, all the features you want are ready and updated with continuous improvements. Thus, users can use a theme they like on their site for free or for a small fee.

In all content management systems, there are add-ons created to ensure the healthy operation of some site functions. These plugins have been created specifically for a service of the site and are used for that purpose only.


With Umbraco, we are able to deliver digital business value for our customers quickly and efficiently through great websites and integrated digital ecosystems. The agility of the Umbraco platform enables us to continuously increase conversion rates and improve the customer experience, helping our customers become digital leaders.

Many friendly people spread around the world who are passionate about CMS and eager to learn and help each other. Everyone gets a chance to contribute in their own way, suggest changes and improve the project. . It would be fair to say that the community is at the heart of Umbraco.

Providing helpful and friendly support to our users really brings a smile to my face. Promote our products either via chat or in a webinar. I talk to people from all over the world every day - I can guide them and hear all about the amazing things they are building with Umbraco.


Plugin variety.

The purpose of the plugins is to ensure that the operations requested by the site owner to be performed on the site without dealing with any software. For example, with the SEO plugin, you can see your site's optimization values and deficiencies, and can send users e-mails to you with the e-mail plugin and contact form. , or you can chat live with a user who comes to your site with the live chat plugin.

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