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Our job innovation

We believe in innovation and offer a new approach to the software industry. We are powering the Industry Renaissance. We have entered an age of platform-based economy. Value is created by connecting people, ideas, data and solutions. All sectors of the economy, from mass retail to high tech We offer solutions for business. Our customers range from large bookkeepers to startups and individual users. We offer solutions for all sectors of the economy, from mass retail to high-tech. Niximera is part of a new generation of innovators that are changing everything we think we know about business strategy and the frontiers of science. To our technology We are proud to present the challenges we have undertaken and continue to be, through experiences and stories based on our solutions and innovation-driven solutions.

Service Time

Every good business is started with the intention to do something different. But every great business creates a great experience for our customers. It's a small nuance, but the impact is huge. While there are thousands of things needed to make a business successful, what matters is that critical time when service takes place.

You get the right materials. You set up the right production process. You plan how to take orders and how quickly you can deliver them to your customers. You make all the decisions that lead to success until you deal with your customers. You will be covered in blood sweat and tears, but only at that moment of service.

Why Niximera?

We're obsessed with our customers. We never stop listening to our customers to understand both their dreams and the challenges they face, and then we start using technology to solve their most important problems. We help drive today's business founders with next-generation solutions to manage everything from money to people Our social and mobile technology provides live information so you can make fast and informed decisions anywhere, anytime, anywhere in the world.”

We support our customers for life by offering choice, support, expertise and innovation. We advocate for your causes and provide world-leading advice and support when you need it most. We work to earn your trust first. Then we keep working to get things going. Expert Our range of solutions combines our deep domain knowledge with advanced technology and services. In an ever-changing world, we are committed to helping professionals improve the way they do business and solve complex problems with confidence.


15 years full
of achievements.



Programming Team

Our team brings years of value to our customers by using platforms and cutting-edge methods to deliver robust, reliable and highly effective Software solutions.

Contract secured

Quality Assurance

Strict quality control is one of the foundations of our quality solutions. The Quality Assurance department operates independently and provides services as a separate service for both our internal and external customers of Niximera.

expert teachers

Niximera Academy

We are constantly maintaining and improving the qualifications of our employees by adding the learning process to their extensive application experience. Most of our engineers know at least a few technologies and use all the technological innovations in their work.


Product Development

We have a separate division responsible for creating Software products from A to Z, and we add value to every element in the process. We help transform our clients' businesses with superior consulting and Software development services, making them competitive in the digital age.


Our Advantages

Niximera is a company with a customer-oriented "service" mentality. We are at your service. We can lead or follow. Our main goal is to maintain the highest quality standards and best practices in today's IT market.

We accomplished a lot in a short time.

Unfair gain. Software companies listen to your requests, add modules that you will not use and demand more money. Shopkeepers complain. Especially SMEs say that software companies do not deliver what they promised. Our most important goal is to fix this and similar situations.


What did you search for?

Project plan consultant?

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Niximera designing website offers management solutions developing mobile application factory develops automation offers automation solutions serves robotic process offers database services production engineer developing content management system Join our happy customers.

Our company has extensive experience in Software development for businesses and is among the leaders in its field. Achieving this level of proficiency requires a professional team, on-hand experience, the latest tools and technologies, and the ability to think outside the box. Niximera' 's team members provide our clients with reliable and up-to-date solutions that can support enterprise operations in a variety of ways. We help the software development organization automate processes and improve performance. Experts analyze your needs and find the best solutions to solve specific problems. We don't just build custom software, we make it work for your business. system and improve its infrastructure. Legacy Software lowers overall enterprise productivity. It is useful for businesses in many different industries, including healthcare, energy, oil and gas, entertainment, transportation and shipping, wholesale and retail, finance and more. We have developed special applications.

Niximera is an official company that develops software with up-to-date technologies, provides technological consultancy to its customers, produces designs, has agency-level capabilities, is based on professional software development and consultancy services. It works to gain trust.

Website design, website development, web-based applications, desktop programs, mobile software, factory automations, common platforms, content management systems, engineering automation, service programs, turnkey software, tailor made software for you special websites, mobile applications tailored for you, banking software, drone programming, software for unmanned land vehicles, software for electric land vehicles, etc..

Those who need digital transformation for their businesses to keep up with the times, those who will establish a new business, those who want to greatly increase their earnings, those who want to reduce losses and increase the profit rate, those who want to report the management in the business, those who want to bring their new ideas to life, nature, people Those who want to develop useful software for animals, animals or their environment, those who want to provide employment with common platforms, those who want to have automation without leaving their workers unemployed, those who want to give their services meticulously to satisfy their customers. In short, everyone can benefit from our services.

We can increase your profit rate by developing software. Our services make great contributions to reporting and management. We can make every unmanageable data manageable and reportable. We can develop software that creates employment with common platform software. We can digitize and automate your professional work. Fire account We can save money by developing software that requires heavy algorithms such as. We can develop machines and software that support recycling.

Maybe millions of businesses complain about software companies in this century. Niximera has brought a 3-contracted assurance system as a solution. Sales contract, legislation contract and 3-month free maintenance contract. With these contracts prepared in the presence of a notary, your projects are both safe and in a culling state. All Istanbul Courts are on duty to protect your rights. Our contracts are prepared as official documents in accordance with the provisions of the law and completely to protect the end consumer, our customers.

4 designers, 6 backend developers, 4 front-end developers, 2 social media specialists, 4 project managers, 2 business analysts, 6 mobile software development personnel, 3 software testers, 2 customer service personnel, and 1 janitor staff available.

Niximera has implemented a 3-contracted assurance system as a solution to protect your rights while providing services. Sales contract, legislation contract and 3-month free maintenance contract. With these contracts, prepared in the presence of a notary, your projects are both safe and in the case of culling all over Istanbul. Their courts are on duty to protect your rights. Our contracts are prepared as official documents in accordance with the provisions of the law and completely to protect the end consumer, our customers.

All of our customers are very pleased with the development process of our services, from the moment we deliver them, to the trainings we provide after delivery, as well as the purchase of our free 3-month maintenance agreement at the end of the project. Since we explain it with explanation lines while writing the code, the personnel of our transferred customers are one and the same. can receive the project without asking a question. If you wish, we install the physical servers you rent or buy free of charge and we deliver the project without any problems.

Even though technology is becoming robotic and automated day by day, we are struggling to reduce employment losses. We are developing the automation of a factory in such a way that they do not lay off any personnel. Our job is not to play with anyone's bread, but to facilitate their work. Fast, high quality and We strive to simplify the work of your workers and minimize human error, by enabling your workers to control only machines, while automating the foundation of your reliable services.

Niximera is formed from the combination of the names of the goddesses Nyx and imera in Greek mythology. These two goddesses, who are mother and daughter, were goddesses of night and day according to the legends. Since the Niximera office works 24 hours a day, this name we found based on the principle of working day and night consists of a combination. Its founders are Turkish and it was founded in Turkey.

We aim to contribute to the education of young people with our social responsibility projects, which we have developed as a hobby, as well as the software we have developed for our customers. It continues to upset us that difficulties such as the pandemic cause problems for our valuable teachers and students. We are developing projects so that we can build on a more solid educational foundation.

Company Information

Company Name: Niximera Information Technologies Software and Consultancy Incorporated Company

Central Address: Barbaros Hayrettin Pasa District, 1997. Street, Number 12, Floor 3, Office 25, Phuket Life Residence, Beylikdüzü, Istanbul

Tax Office: Esenyurt Tax Office

Tax Number: 47959425140

Room Registry Number: 416826-5

Trade Registry Number: 416826-5

Mersis No : 0631-1778-0020-0001


Nace Code:
62.01.01-Computer programming activities (system, database, network, web page, etc. software and coding of customer-specific software, etc.)
62.03.01-Management of computer facilities
62.09.02-Other information technology and computer service activities (installation of personal computers and peripherals, software installation, etc.)
73.11.01-Activities of advertising agencies (selection of the media to be used, design of the advertisement, writing of the lyrics, writing of the script for commercial films, display and presentation of advertising products at sales points, etc.)
85.59.03-Computer, software, database, etc. activities of courses providing education (excluding education given at basic, secondary and higher education levels)
47.91.14-Retail trade via radio, TV, mail or internet
62.02.01-Computer consultancy activities (providing expert opinion on hardware-related informatics such as hardware requirements, determining computer requirements, planning and designing computer systems, etc.)
58.21.01-Release of computer games for all platforms
58.29.01-Publishing of other software programs
28.23.01-Manufacture of calculators and pocket type machines (electrical, electronic, mechanical, etc.)
74.10.03-Activities of specialized graphic designers (including brand and trademark design)

Phone Number: 0 552 878 39 81

Phone Number: 0 850 532 6459