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The Smart Factory brings together smart people, smart equipment, precision processes and advanced automation software systems. Help semiconductor factories around the world – including the most demanding chip manufacturers – reduce risk and enable Smart Manufacturing relies on our factory automation software to help.

Our Factory Automation solutions are developed to help you achieve resource- and cost-optimized production, as well as high availability of plant and machinery. Our portfolio offers value in the areas of continuous optimization of plant operation, comprehensive preventive maintenance and the fastest possible repair. focuses on providing

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We offer 4 different options for software development processes.

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Joint development

We can help develop and implement all project management activities so your team can focus their attention elsewhere.

Niximera automation library

Some customers choose to use our rapid development products as the backbone of their connectivity and automation.

Turnkey solutions

We can provide a complete production software solution tailored to your unique production processes.


Can be an integral part of your team for a period of time, following your development process and using your assets.

Niximera Automation

Works well in basic factory applications.

Powerful scripting engine

Provides total flexibility in automating your factory processes. Structured text scripting means anyone can do it. A familiar syntax means most programmers can provide assistance even if they are not familiar with Niximera Automation. Fully multithreaded: Every process or create a separate loop for part of an operation. Arrange your control loops logically instead of combining them into one large loop. Make changes on the fly: No need to stop and recompile every time you want to add a new screen element or fine-tune the script.

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