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Small and Medium Businesses

Small and medium businesses have the ability to compete worldwide due to the global reach of the internet.

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Competition in Today's Global Economy

Small and medium businesses have the ability to compete worldwide due to the global reach of the internet. However, they face many challenges in building the operational efficiencies needed to do so. Integrating, understanding, analyzing and deriving actionable insights from key company data is critical to success in today's global marketplace.

Bağlanın ve Analiz Edin

Connect apps to bring all your data together, then deconstruct interactive visuals to create actionable insights. Make your data and insights accessible wherever and whenever you need them to capture a holistic view of your business.



Niximera; helps you solve challenges easy, fast and cost-effectively.

Resource Restrictions

Resource Restrictions

Help business users access and analyze the data they need.

Deleted Data


Those who are not in the administrator role cannot delete data. Connect, visualize and analyze data across your business.

Operational inefficiencies

Operational inefficiencies

We make Internet of Things applications that are easy and comfortable to work with.


Flexible Reporting Process

Replace error-prone manual effort with efficient automation. Get rid of expenses while multiplying your earnings.


Combine and Adapt

Easily adapt to changing requirements, improve decision-making, and provide a great customer experience by combining data management and business processes.

Predict and accelerate

Leverage reporting to stay ahead of the competition and switch to more advanced analytics such as event processing and predictive analytics.

Our advantage

Don't get hung up on simple solutions that will help you grow quickly. Niximera is uniquely positioned to assist you wherever you are on your journey. Our easy-to-use products work together to help you tackle challenges faster and more conveniently and scale as your needs change.

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