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Small and medium-sized businesses have the ability to compete worldwide due to the global reach of the internet. However, they face many challenges in building the operational efficiencies needed to do so. Integrating, understanding, and integrating actionable insights from key company data Analyzing and deriving it is critical to success in today's global marketplace.

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Connect and Analyze

Connect apps to bring all your data together, then create interactive visuals to generate actionable insights. Make your data and insights accessible wherever and whenever you need them to capture a holistic view of your business.

Easily adapt to changing requirements, improve decision-making and provide a great customer experience by combining data management and business processes.

Predict and Accelerate

Take advantage of reporting and move to more advanced analytics such as event processing and predictive analytics to stay ahead of the competition.

Don't get hung up on simple solutions that will grow quickly. Niximera is uniquely positioned to assist you wherever you are on your journey. Our easy-to-use products are designed to help you tackle challenges faster and more conveniently and scale as your needs change. works together.

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Get Reports Quickly and Anywhere

Guide the needs of your business with specially developed reports for SMEs.

Make your plans easily and leave small calculations to increase the profit rate. See the past and take firm steps into the future.

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Frequently Asked Questions

SMEs specific questions

Solutions developed by understanding the needs and expectations of SMEs are solutions that also recognize the sensitive and need-to-development aspects of these businesses. Therefore, SMEs that receive a strong technological infrastructure support in this way increase their productivity and profitability quickly and move up to the next league. It can be easy. Solutions that cover many different processes from enterprise resource planning (ERP) to data analysis, customer relationship management to sales, and also customized for SMEs, provide a significant competitive advantage.

In addition to the basic needs and expectations applicable to every SME, the needs of a manufacturing SME and an SME operating in the wholesale distribution or service sector are of course different. It is important to use solutions that can be customized according to sectoral differences.

One of the biggest priorities for SMEs is to stand out among countless competitors. The way to achieve this is to increase customer satisfaction by making a difference in product and service quality, and to undertake more innovative works. Therefore, it is necessary to use up-to-date technologies that understand these needs well. It is important to choose solutions that are suitable for SMEs by following them closely. Also, since the ultimate goal of every SME is profitable growth, flexible solutions to support this growth should be preferred. All solutions used in the business should work in integration with each other, and attention should be paid to the standardization of internal processes It is a matter of necessity.

What is (ERP)?

ERP is a system that provides joint data sharing between different departments by gathering the departments of an institution such as finance, human resources, production, sales and marketing under a single software system. In our ERP package; It has rich business functions for all business processes, cost-effective end-to-end management, applications specific to production processes, higher quality and efficiency modules, and has an adaptable structure. It is flexible.

The end-to-end care of the human resources management with the employees always takes the company one step ahead. In order for the company to be happy and to make profits, the employees should perform efficient and quality work, and for this, the personnel with the right competence should be hired. Most importantly, there must be a unit that triggers the psychology of the employees and their desire for success in this entire process.In our process management package, single-point management of HR processes, Time and labor savings, Possibility of use over the web, compliance with legal regulations, Self-service use via the portal exists.

Data analytics is a proven way for organizations and businesses to gain the insights they need to make better decisions, serve customers, and increase productivity and revenue. Data integration and centralized management of data in our data analytics suite, Self-service visualization and analysis, Strong analysis infrastructure, Scenario creation feature, Ready reports are available.

Budget planning, also known as budgeting, is the financial planning process of companies for their future goals and activities towards these goals. Depending on activities, units and many other factors, such as income budget, expense budget, operating budget, etc. There are various types of budgets.Companies can get more detailed information about their expenses and incomes with budget planning and can prepare a more appropriate and effective budget for their needs.In our budget management package,Time and labor saving in budget preparation, Instant target and actual budget comparison, Consolidation of different budgets There are modules for mobile use, easy budget design with Excel sheet logic, budget creation modules in foreign currency.

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