Niximera is an official company based on professional software development and consultancy services, which develops software with up-to-date technologies, provides technological consultancy to its customers, produces designs, has agency-level capabilities. It works to gain trust.

Website design, website development, web-based applications, desktop programs, mobile software, factory automations, common platforms, content management systems, engineering automation, service programs, turnkey software, custom software for you special websites, mobile applications tailored for you, banking software, drone programming, software for unmanned land vehicles, software for electric land vehicles, etc..

Those who need digital transformation for their businesses to keep up with the times, those who will establish a new business, those who want to greatly increase their earnings, those who want to reduce losses and increase the profit rate, those who want to report the management in the business, those who want to bring their new ideas to life, nature, people Those who want to develop software useful for animals or their environment, those who want to provide employment with common platforms, those who want to have automation without leaving their workers unemployed, those who want to give their services meticulously to satisfy their customers. In short, everyone can benefit from our services.

We can increase your profit rate by developing software. Our services make great contributions to reporting and management. We can make every unmanageable data manageable and reportable. We can develop software that creates employment with common platform software. We can digitize and automate your professional work. Fire account We can save money by developing software that requires heavy algorithms such as. We can develop machines and software that support recycling.

Maybe millions of businesses complain about software companies in this century. Niximera has brought 3 contracted assurance systems as a solution. Sales contract, legislation contract and 3-month free maintenance contract. With these contracts prepared in the presence of a notary, your projects are both safe and in the case of culling. All Istanbul Courts are on duty to protect your rights. Our contracts are prepared as official documents in accordance with the provisions of the law and completely to protect the end consumer, our customers.

There are 4 designers, 6 backend programmers, 4 front-end programmers, 2 social media specialists, 4 project managers, 2 business analysts, 6 mobile software development personnel, 3 software testers, 2 customer service personnel and 1 service personnel.

Niximera has implemented a 3-contracted assurance system as a solution to protect your rights while providing services. Sales contract, legislation contract and 3-month free maintenance contract. With these contracts, prepared in the presence of a notary, your projects are both safe and in the case of culling all Istanbul Their courts are on duty to protect your rights. Our contracts are in compliance with the provisions of the law and exactlyWhy do big companies work with Niximera? They are prepared as official documents to protect the end consumer, our customers.

All of our customers are very pleased with the development process of our services, up to the moment we deliver them, and the training we provide after delivery, as well as purchasing our free 3-month maintenance contract at the end of the project. can receive the project without asking a question. If you wish, we install the physical servers you rent or buy free of charge and we deliver the project without any problems.

Even though technology is becoming robotized and automated day by day, we are struggling to reduce employment losses. We are developing the automation of a factory in such a way that they do not lay off any personnel. Our job is not to play with anyone's bread, but to facilitate their work. Fast, high quality and We strive to simplify the work of your workers and minimize human error, by enabling your workers to control only machines, while automating the foundation of your reliable services.

Niximera is formed from the combination of the names of the goddesses Nyx and imera in Greek mythology. These two goddesses, who are mother and daughter, were goddesses of night and day according to the legends. Since the Niximera office works 24 hours a day, this name we found based on the principle of working day and night consists of a combination. Its founders are Turkish and it was founded in Turkey.

We aim to contribute to the education of young people with our social responsibility projects that we have developed as a hobby, as well as the software we have developed for our customers. It continues to upset us that difficulties such as the pandemic cause problems to our valuable teachers and students. We are developing projects so that we can build on a more solid educational foundation.

WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Opencart, Shopify, Prestashop, Magento, Umbraco

WordPress. Designed for blog users, WordPress is one of the most widely used content management systems in the world., Joomla! Developed as open source, Joomla has more details than WordPress. , Drupal, Concrete5, MODX , Bolt CMS.

Content Management System (İYS, English: Content Management System or CMS) is software for managing the production and editing of digital content. A CMS is usually multiple contributors of document management, value management and record keeping systems. allows it to be used in cooperation by

CMS, known as Content Management System, is a software application that provides full control over the management of all files, content and design images on the website.

File content management system is a system used for controlling data such as electronic documents and image archives. 4-MCMS (Mobile CMS) is a management system for mobile phones, smart phones and PDAs.

Web-based software that manages web content components. With this software application, users can design their own web pages, individually or corporately, online and independently of the location, and create web content.

Content management system, abbreviated as CMS, is a software that helps users create, manage and modify content on a website without the need for special technical knowledge or fiddling with codes.

Software applications such as WordPress and Joomla that are used to create and manage digital content are called content management systems. Since CMSs are cloud-based, users can create their content anywhere and anytime by accessing the CMS they are using from their browsers. can publish.

In short, a content management system is a web application that allows website owners, editors and authors to publish content without the need for any coding knowledge.

CMS, which is expressed as Content Management System, content management panel or admin panel, is included in easily manageable sites over the internet. It facilitates the management of websites, especially without the need for coding knowledge.

Digital design is the process of bringing out the look and feel of content that people view and interact with on a computer, tablet, or phone screen.

For digital design jobs, web design is often at the top of the list. Web designer and digital designer don't do exactly the same tasks. So what do web designers do? Web designers get an overall view of how websites and mobile apps will look. Web designers should consider decisions such as a site's layout, color palette, fonts, icons, buttons, and visual themes.

  • * UI / UX rules
  • * Color and typography
  • * Responsive mobile design
  • * Must know interface design programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe XD, Sketch
  • * Prototyping approaches
  • * HTML / CSS

User Experience (UX) is a field of technology that includes more than design, but it is commonly referred to as "UX", "design". UX is one of the three elements of contemporary digital design. Web design is someone working on a project for a client or employer. tends to move on to the next project, with the designer completing the scope of work and moving on to the next project. UX design is a more iterative process where a UX designer can work for years with a UX team on a particular project or brand.

Digital Media Design covers all processes from managing the produced content to the most appropriate infrastructure. Display technologies and the latest marketing tactics offer us everything we need to deliver our messages to the target audience in the right way.

Graphic design services are just visual services. Works that introduce your company or give your company a brand are carried out in the graphic design department. While you are getting graphic design services in the Istanbul web design sector, you can also purchase corporate identity design and web design services.

The activities to be carried out are aimed at discovering students with artistic talents. The infrastructure that allows the transfer of all works of art previously realized with traditional methods to digital media will be available in this workshop.

What is Social Media and Digital Media? Digital media are tools that people use in the internet environment. Social media, which is one of the digital media tools, is a platform where users can create content themselves and share it with other users.

Why artificial intelligence matters? AI automates repetitive learning and data exploration. However, AI differs from hardware-driven robotic automation. Instead of automating manual tasks, AI can reliably and efficiently handle frequent, high-volume, computerized tasks. does it tirelessly.

The real breakthrough, which we can call artificial intelligence, was mentioned for the first time in 1956. The term artificial intelligence was coined for the first time at a conference held at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire, England.

We can define artificial intelligence as designing a machine similar to the human brain and providing this machine's ability to reason, present information, plan, learn, perceive, act and manipulate. Artificial intelligence researches Robotics and Machine learning It can be divided into two main sub-areas.

Human intelligence or artificial intelligence? At the conference, which was organized based on the question, experts expressed that artificial intelligence cannot surpass human intelligence. Emphasizing that there are fundamental changes in many disciplines, especially health, academics said that artificial intelligence is not a competitor, but a helper.

The Internet of Things (IoT) describes a network of physical objects embedded with sensors, software, and other technologies to exchange and exchange data with and with other devices and systems over the Internet. These devices are ordinary It ranges from household goods to complex industrial tools. With more than 10 billion connected IoT devices today, experts expect that number to rise to 22 billion by 2025.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a collection of devices connected to the Internet. IoT specialists are also called people who know how to program devices to be compatible with each other and who enable them to communicate with each other.

IoT applications cover a wide range of verticals, including automotive, telecom and energy. In the consumer segment, smart homes equipped with connected devices such as smart thermostats, combi boilers and lighting are controlled via computers and smartphones.

An IoT system consists of sensors and devices that talk to the cloud through some kind of connection. First, the sensors or devices collect data from their surroundings. Then this data is sent to the cloud. To send the data to the cloud, cellular, satellite, Wi-Fi Various methods can be used, such as , Bluetooth.

Ultrasonic sensors have become an indispensable element for IoT product development and are widely used to create smart connected products (such as smart trash cans). These sensors are used to generate high-frequency sound waves and receive the echo reflected by the target. designed.

Objects with IOT can communicate with each other. Being in different locations and being at a different point on Earth will not prevent them from communicating with IOT. Objects communicating within the IOT exchange information among themselves over a certain protocol.

The concept of the Internet of Things, that is, IoT (internet of things) technology, is the communication and communication of smart devices with each other. Today, the Internet of things extends from small household appliances to smart cities. The data formed here appears as big data, that is, big data.

Our clients use us for our broad capabilities in successfully delivering complex application and online portal development projects. Working with existing development teams, working with legacy systems to support new application development, building technically complex features and seamless integration We have more than eleven years of experience in solving all kinds of problems, such as bringing systems, processes and applications together with the company. If you have big ideas, find yourself facing complex problems and want the best from an agency, Niximera can help.

Yes we can. Before starting your project, we work with you to write a detailed project specification and then offer you a fixed price to deliver the job. This fixed price and specification protects you: exactly in contract for that cost You can hold us accountable for delivering the full text. No hidden fees, everything is clear and concise.

You can talk to us. You can contact us at the end of the contact page or by calling 0850 532 6459. You can write to us on Whatsapp of the same number. You can send an e-mail to You will receive a response within one day.

Yes, most of the apps we make support both iOS and Android mobile platforms. It is common for people to want their apps to work on web and mobile devices, so we use development frameworks like React and React native which allow us to quickly support both platforms We do Native Mobile Software Development for applications with extensive and heavy algorithms.

We don't start out blindly creating your needs, we start by holding a meeting to understand the business drivers driving the need for your project. We want to get to a very fast position where we know enough to challenge your assumptions about the features you need. Once we understand your business, We put a lot of effort into working with you at the start of a project and we consider your requirements in detail.

Yes, appropriate copyright or license rights will be granted for the bespoke code we write for your project. We are transparent about intellectual property rights and you will have the opportunity to review our code ownership terms before the project begins.

Many factors contribute to the initiation of a successful project, and some requirements may take longer to develop the project than others. The average ranges from one month to three months.

Some cases yes, some no. Can nine women have a baby in a month? This analogy can be applied to technology projects as well. Sometimes a project can be completed much faster by allocating more developer resources. But in other cases, the project is a technology or We may be restricted by security requirements. If you have a date requirement, contact us as soon as possible so we can do our best to meet it.

Yes, we offer the option to contact us temporarily for support, or monthly retention options in case you need a more consistent and reliable level of service. We provide free quarterly maintenance after project delivery. Temporary support, fixed, ongoing may work for projects that need minimal support to avoid the need for monthly costs. However, this can be at the expense of responsiveness as requests are scheduled based on when our resource is available. Since specific time is scheduled months in advance, most of our clients do the best to get the best response. If you have a highly technical project with us, we recommend choosing a monthly support service that will cover minor temporary changes, improvements, updates, and support.

We start by creating a central database to hold all your data, then we develop an interface (an APi) to allow web and mobile applications to send and receive this data.

Probably yes. We prefer to follow our own design process where possible as it allows us to deliver the best quality and consistency, but we can be flexible about it. If your designs are strong and we are confident they will be effective, yes we can work with them. However, if they do not meet our high standards , we will be honest and advise us to create the designs for you.

Yes. If you have a site or application with small resource requirements, we can host your project on our managed servers. If you have specific hosting needs, heavy resource demands, or need something more specialized, then dedicated, cloud or load balanced hosting is yours " we can set up your environment."

Yes, we will need your support to test the project. We have processes for testing and quality assurance, but the way we think and use your application is different from the way you would. You defined the project and know what you want better than anyone, so you probably You will use and interact with the things we have built in ways we cannot predict.

We realize that there are many scenarios where you can get to a point where you no longer need us. For example, a start-up may not have the experience or funds for a while to employ and deploy the necessary structures to run an efficient in-house development team. However, as the business grows, so can the commercial environment, making the development team a logical long-term decision. And that's fine - we're actually planning for that.

Average costs for mobile app development for the last quarter of 2021 are as follows; average cost to develop iOS app, $3,000 - $50,000, average cost to develop Android app - $1,500 - $40,000, for ReactNative app average cost ranges from $2250 to $45000.

For those who want to earn income from mobile applications, the first method that comes to mind is that you can earn money by advertising in the application. Companies such as Google adsense make money by advertising through the application. Then application sales come to mind. Whether you want to sell your Android or iOS application to the application stores. After installing it, you can make a paid sale. Of course, the paid applications must offer additional value to the users.

We call the phase where testers are tested in order to develop the infrastructure of your mobile application, develop communication services, frontend studies, mobile backend studies and to make sure that it works correctly. This phase is 20 for a mobile application project whose analysis and designs have been completed. It varies between business days and 300 business days.

Java: It is one of the most preferred languages ​​when it comes to Android application development because the Android Operating System is written in Java. It is an object-oriented programming language developed at Sun Microsystems.

The software that is coded and specially designed for smart devices (smartphones and tablets) that almost everyone keeps with them today is called mobile application. ... You can get mobile applications according to the mobile operating systems of the smart devices you use.

Mobile app management refers to the suite of Intune management features that allow you to perform actions for your users, such as publish, ship, configure, secure, monitor, and update mobile apps.

The software that is coded and designed specifically for devices such as smartphones and tablets that almost everyone cannot go out with today is called "Mobile Application". If you want to have an Android and/or IOS based mobile application, you can get detailed information from us.

Software that allows users to do whatever they want in line with their needs. Software languages ​​as well as some application development tools are used for the preparation of applications.

We call the development phase the phase where the infrastructure of your mobile application is developed, coded by the developers and tested by the testers to ensure that it works correctly. We can say that this phase takes an average of 8-12 weeks for a mobile application project whose analysis and designs have been completed.

You can reach Niximera customer service by calling 0 850 532 6459.

Some software development companies do not have software developers. Sometimes they have difficulties in finding personnel. In such cases, they get support from another software company they have a contract with. This support is called information technology partnership.

The knowledge of some software companies or the software developers of our customers may not be enough to develop new technologies. Adapting to new technologies may not be easy and is very important. In some cases, they may not know how to develop the legislation that needs to be developed. In such cases, software research partnership comes into play.

Software developed using iOt technologies and allowing many things to be done automatically is called intelligent software. Cooperatives create unions on a common denominator and share information and customers. In this way, customer collection occurs and they earn high profits. This is the type of business. Programs that help manage entities are called smart cooperative programs.

It is a collection and payment system that allows payment with all credit and debit cards, can be integrated with all programs and works smoothly.

The information of our customers working with Niximera and our ever-growing family is included. Each logo represents one of our customers and we have provided at least one service to each of our customers.

You have private documents that you want to be published on your website. If you do not want these documents to be stolen, reproduced by changing or published elsewhere, document privacy automation is just for you. Documents or photos published on your website are shown as unplayable. It also speeds up the speed of your website. This process is done without dropping it.

You have documents specific to you that you want to be published on your website. If you do not want these documents to be stolen, modified or published elsewhere, document privacy automation is for you. Documents or photos published on your website are shown as unplayable. This is done without reducing the speed of your website.